Journalist since 1991, Anne Eveillard after creating her web-zine launches with a paper version of her magazine. Demanding, insatiable curious, a pen full of humor and without concession.

    A collection of puff accessories, for optimal comfort, compactable, foldable. Made in France.

    With the brand "APPARAT-PARIS", Livie Bélaz and David Ariyel are breaking the conventions of men's leather goods. The two creators cleverly take up the codes of military textiles, to make a line of urban luxury bags.

    Home decoration

    In 1817, Alexis and Jean Baptiste ARPIN opened a workshop in Séez Saint-Bernard in Savoie (France). It is there, even today, that the magnificent plaids are made. The wool is collected from nearby herders after the fall shearing. The manufacturing steps, which have always been the same for almost two centuries (between 17 and 24 steps depending on the fabric), are carried out on machines now classified in the National Heritage inventory.

    Young French brand specializing in jewelry collections with enamel.

    Items designed by and for Bienvenue Store in exclusivity.

    Iconic brand of professional dance ballerinas. Not just for adults. For the little ones too.

    Block Design  is a British brand known for contemporary homeware & office desk accessories.

    Vintage escape scarves intended for RAF pilots allowing them to escape in case they were taken prisoner in WWII Military cards printed on viscose. Easy to hide, resistant and can be unfolded discreetly. Original scarves.

    Family business, founded in Geneva in 1915, faithful to the Swiss Made label which makes the quality of its pencils and pens.

    Cap individually embroidered. Whatever your zip code, wear it proudly and assert your territory with your CEDEX cap.

    The Cloud lamp can be placed on the night table or directly on a wall. It has a magnetic sticker that allows you to move the lamp around or recharge it. LED lights with 2 lighting modes: permanent or triggered by touch or a snap of the fingers.

    CLOUDNOLA has modern clocks influenced by home decor and fashion trends


    Collection of jewels, bracelets, pendants, necklaces in lacquered horn or not.

    David DUCROS is a spanish designer. Minimalist designer influenced by architecture.

    Specialist in the design and manufacture of tableware in tempered glass since 1945, Duralex is today more than ever synonymous with robustness, design with unique pieces whose heating process transforms the classic shape. original Duralex lenses. These unique pieces are presented at Bienvenue Store.

    DUTCHDELUXES products come in natural materials and embrace traditions. Adding a shaping and a styling that is undisputedly on edge : (leather) aprons, serving trays, food stands, organic and dented ceramic tableware

    Trendy backpacks for all activities and travel luggage. The strength of the bags and the values of EASTPAK justify their slogan : Built to resist. From innovation in their bag designs to their unforgettable advertising campaigns, EASTPAK has changed the rules and inspired positive resistance for so many years.

    The Editions cent pages was created in 1987 by Olivier Gadet. These are object books, out of the ordinary. Since 2003, the books of Editions hundred pages have been designed by graphic designer Philippe Millot. In 2008, the Rouge gorge collection received the bronze medal at the Competition for the most beautiful books in the world.

    Ekaterina Ivankova is fashion designer from Kazakhstan based in Italy. She She finds vintage pieces that she deconstructs to reconstruct them into unique pieces.

    Guy Cotten has been the waterproof and semi-waterproof bag specialist for over 55 years.  These bags are still made in France. They are used by the greatest skippers at the start of major races. They are also found in a more vintage style in the heart of cities. More than fifty years of ideas, innovations, experiments for ever more comfort, solidity, and safety to face bad weather and protect oneself at sea, useful for sport or outdoor recreation.

    From infants to adults, HAMICO toothbrushes are designed for you. From the dentist-designed innovative bristles that are soft to the ergonomic handles, BPA free materials, and creative designs.
  • HAY

    Danish brand of design. Items for the office and home.

    Self-taught, Helmut Lang began fashion in Vienna at the age of 23 in 1986. He will be the first to have men and women together on the catwalks and to create androgynous-looking clothes that will influence many designers. He is a figurehead of minimalism and non-logo emanating from the Antifashion movement of the early 1990s. He remains a “cult” designer of this era. During his career, he collaborated with the artists Jenny Holzer or Louise Bourgeois. The Helmut Lang brand still exists today, but has continued without Lang's involvement since 2005. Since then, the brand's director, Andrew Rosen, relaunched it in 2016 and hired Isabella Burley, from British magazine Dazed, to do so. She launched capsule collections with several designers, such as the remarkable one by Shayne Oliver, artistic director for the New York brand Hood By Air.

    Founded in 1856, Hunter is a progressive British heritage brand renowned for its iconic Original boot and holds two Royal Warrants of Appointment to HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. The brand has a rich history of innovation and continues to forge designs that shield pioneers from the elements and bleakest of landscapes.

    Il Bussetto, the famous producer of italian Luxury Accessories such as leather coin pouches, wallets, bags, cardholders. Founded in 2004 by Mauro Gobbi in Milano.  This distinctive method allows the production of small leather goods moulded on wooden modes and devoid of any seams. Tradition and originality, while expressing high craftsmanship ability.  
  • IZY

    You can serve two glasses of Champagne, Wine or Spirits at a time with a single tilting motion with your double spout IZY. Noticed in particular during the Lépine competition of the Foire de Paris. IZY impresses with its ease of use and efficiency.

    Young american jewellery brand launched by the designer Jeniece Blanchet.

    Tshirts and sweats collection launched by the young Hoossam Benaallaya
  • KASK

    Elegance and style for city-pedallers without compromising on safety and comfort. The LifeStyle « Urban » helmet is exclusive to KASK and will appeal to all those who appreciate  innovation and great design in one practical product. The outer shell is a silk-screen polycarbonate, while the inner shell ring is Polystyrene-covered. The eco-leather chin pad, CoolMax® padding provide an excellent breathability and washability. A mirror visor add up to make a great helmet for city riding.

    Dutch brand of Champagne or wine buckets made from natural sheepskins.


    Laboratorio Olfattivo offers an ambiance range of fragances with a collection for home as well as an assortment of scented products for personal hygiene.

    Hand-sewn cotton notebooks made in the Jaïpur area for 4 generations.
  • LAPS

    Collector of photography and design enthusiast, Antonin Mercier left the art market to launch the first editions of LAPS watch in 2015. He brings together graphic and aesthetic inspirations to develop a new approach to the watchmaking world. Each edition expresses the discovery or the encounter of LAPS with an artist and his work. Since 2018, the brand has regularly collaborated with new creators and photographers on various projects. The dials of the watches are shaped by hand in his parisian workshop. LAPS is the only watch brand labeled by the Mairie de Paris.

    Le Typographe cards are made with the requirement of incredible know-how, using Heidelberg presses. The typographical space includes nearly 800 mobile character breaks. The shaping is completly done in an artisanal manner in their workshop.
  • LIP

    French watch brand since 1867, LIP is the watch brand of adventurers and presidents : Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, Maurice Herzog, Eric Tabarly have their appointed model. Automatic watches for men and women as well as quartz watches At the start of 2020, a new assembly workshop was created in Besançon (France). Famous designers as Roger Tallon and De Bashmakoff.
  • MAAR

    The scents of Maison MAAR are much more than home fragrances. Inspired by our own olfactory memories, they evoke moments, places, and also people, which matter. Simple memories, but which touch the heart. This is how we give meaning and create such a special attachment to our home fragrances. Richness, finesse and hold of a perfume, but also meaning and sensitivity

    Nathalie Vidal is the founder of the Maison Baluchon accessories house : zipped pockets, tablet and computer pockets, backpacks, leather bags are exceptional accessories. Her collaboration with Léa Pivert who creates the prints inspired by animal and tropical themes are part of their strong universe. The importance also lies in the design of each piece that mobilizes local know-how. Seamstresses, craftsmen, little hands, work for this common good. Their workshops located in Haute Marne (France) allow reactivity guaranteeing quality and manufacturing on a human scale.

    A range of essential kitchen tools to cook like chefs every day, selected from the best manufacturers in France and Europe. Exceptional objects that are well thought out, well designed, well made.

    “New York Tough” is the watchword of the iconic Manhattan Portage brand, a pioneer line in the creation of New York messengers bags. Brand renowned for its design and robustness. These bags are made with high quality materials such as Cordura and very resistant buckles. There are also computer cases.

    An infinite scarf, with very precise dimensions, that it is enough to wrap in 8 around the neck to form a cozy and aerial nest. An accessory designed for both men and women.

    BPA-free, BPS-free, MEMOBOTTLE water bottles have a flat design shape whose size is based on the A5, A6 paper formats ... and are sustainable

    Jewellery collection


    MIRSTORES (stands for Made In Russia) is a Russian brand specializing in knitted clothing. The sweaters are hand knitted and made from natural materials such as wool.

    Monocle releases carefully selected items that cater to their tastes, produced by brands they believe in. Hand-picked items. Explore the exclusive collaboration with Delfonics.

    Giancarlo Zanatta, a young Italian boot maker, is on a trip to New York when he witnesses man’s first steps on the moon live. Intrigued by the particular shape and technology of the boots worn by astronauts, he sketched out those that would become one of the greatest successes in the shoe world, the Original Moon Boots, which he designed upon his return in Italy.

    Notes candles are made from soy wax blend and burn with a cotton wick for optimal, clean combustion. Their minimalist design and subtile scents makes Notes an enrichment in your home.
  • ON OFF

    With its giant switch shape, you no longer need to look for a taton during the night! The lamp body makes it easy to switch the light on and off thanks to its integrated gravity sensor. Soft and strong light power modes allow the lamp to adapt to your preferences. The built-in battery allows it to be used wirelessly and to be recharged quickly via the USB port.
  • ON OFF

    With its giant switch shape, you no longer need to look for a taton during the night! The lamp body makes it easy to switch the light on and off thanks to its integrated gravity sensor. Soft and strong light power modes allow the lamp to adapt to your preferences. The built-in battery allows it to be used wirelessly and to be recharged quickly via the USB port.

    In 1890, Joseph Opinel, created a knife that has become an everyday object, which is an icon of world design. A family saga in the heart of the Alps, in Savoie .... Joseph Opinel refines the shape and manufacture of a small pocket knife: the Opinel is born. Closing knife with wooden handle carrying a groove in which the blade is housed in the closed position. The emblem is The Crowned Hand to which is added a crown to remind that Savoy was a duchy. In 1985 the Opinel was dedicated to the "Victoria and Albert Museum" among the hundred best designed objects in the world alongside the Porsche 911 and the Rolex watch. In the book, "Phaidon Design Classics", the Opinel pocket knife is recognized as one of the 999 most successful designs of all time by a jury of international designers.
  • OTH

    OTH is a French brand of sustainable and eco-responsible unisex sneakers. Innovative, the soles of our sneakers are made from recycled tires that have already traveled the globe. This first life on the asphalt makes each pair of shoes unique.   Every time OTH produces 3 pairs of sneakers, the equivalent of one tire will be recycled

    Influenced by architecture and contemporary art, Pagil Blaja creates collections through play and associations of colors and materials. The brand reinvests the ancestral know-how of traditional craftsmen in lacquered wood, which it transposes into contemporary designs with clean lines. The association of lacquer with the irregular texture of gold leaf makes them unique and atypical accessories.

    French manufacturer of umbrellas. Renowned for their quality, strength and resistance to strong winds.

    Among the 3 best party games, Pigeon Pigeon for ages 10 to 77, is a bluff game that unleashes creativity. Pigeon Pigeon is a small French creation and the game is made in France.
  • PLAQ

    PLAQ is a come-back to the purity and simplicity of chocolate. Just the cocoa bean and sugar. Very well sourced, traceable and ethical. Take the time to do each step, from the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar. Select high quality beans, cook them to measure and in small quantities to extract all the aromas.

    Squeeze these cute critters and the squeak and stick out their tongues. Come meet your new best friend !

    Cutting boards or presentation boards for the aperitif in marble made in the North of France.    

    SEVESKIG is a fashion brand which combines a creative design made up of patterns created by reconstructing vintage inventory pieces and revised Japanese designs. The products are "Made in Japan".
  • SIGG

    Since 1908, SIGG has been renowned for its high quality, modernity and sustainability. Their range of items brings together glass, aluminum and stainless steel water bottles. The « Original Swiss bottle " is an icon of world-renowned design and efficient manufacturing. Since 1993, it has been at the MoMA Museum of Contemporary Art in New York.

    Sylvain Lelieur, SL SUPPLY designer (Second Life Supply) grew up in Paris. His origins and the environment where he grew up has given him a special vision of our world. Second Life is the idea of a new globalisation in which everybody can bring to the other fairly. The idea that we can consume, being respectful of skills, human being, culture.
  • SLDT


    Something Familiar is a jewelry label created by Siriane Hunia, launched in the beginning of 2015. Siriane Hunia (1981) graduated at the department Identity from the Design Academy in Eindhoven and has been working in fashion since.

    French brand of slippers made in Portugal.


    SQUEASY is a water bottle designed and developed by Swiss architecht Matthias Zellweger and industrial designer Thomas Liebe. The bottle is designed to help reduce single-use plastic and our CO2 footprint. SQUEASY is manufacturered in Switzerland. SQUEASY is manufactured by 100% food grade polypropylene (PP) and free of BPA, phthalates and heavy metals. 100% reusable.  The bottle is flexible, foldable and can be filled with a capacity from 0.3-0.7 l.

    STUDIO D+ is a t-shirts line designed by David Ducros with graphics inspired from architecture

    These sets of six coasters can be artfully arranged to form a tiled trivet. The illusion of 3D through color and geometry allows for endless permutations, encouraging playful mosaic building on your table.  

    Launched in 1854, Timex is an iconic american watch brand.

    Lighters from Japan

    The result of a deep reflection on the place of technology in our daily lives, USBEPOWER imagines iconic objects of charges with a pure and functional design.

    It was in 1911 in the village of Moirans-en-Montagne, the French toy capital, that Narcisse Villet created a small artisan workshop called "Maison Villet". In 1979 Villet Frères becomes Vilac which is the contraction of the words Villet and lacquer which colors our toys. Vilac is developing while retaining its culture and traditions. In 2007, Vilac obtained the Living Heritage Company label and the Haut-Jura Regional Natural Park Know-How label.

    Publishing house founded in Paris in 2015 by Louise Grislain, Anna Klossowski and Charlotte Morel. Limited series of everyday objects designed by artists.

    In 2012, Yi and Yanko have launched Ystudio. Ystudio is dedicated to sharing the beauty of words, writing and manufacturing stationeries. They have gradually became a world-renowned brand. What Ystudio creates is not just the object itself, but also the true meaning behind it. They believe that each object embodies a deeper meaning. Ystudio believes in the value of simplicity in design.